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Tactical Hand Strap Rugged Case Cover for Kyocera DuraForce Ultra 5G UW E7110

  • $19.75
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  • Compatible with Kyocera DuraForce Ultra 5G UW (E7110)

Quick Description

  • This "Handy Case" Combines Our Special Ops Rugged Cover with a Secure Hand Strap. It's Like [TACTICAL BODY ARMOR] for your Verizon DuraForce Ultra 5G UW Phone
  • VERSATILE: Includes Removable [HAND STRAP] for an Extra Strong Grip on your Device on the Jobsite. No More Drops! Strap is Threaded thru Discrete Slots on the Back of the Case like a Harness. Ideal for Security and Law Enforcement
  • STYLE: Bold and Aggressive Design Matches Your Rugged Lifestyle. [DURABLE MATERIAL] will Withstand Tough Working Conditions. Interior Texture Promotes Air Circulation and Heat Dissipation
  • ENHANCED GRIP: Elevated Texture Pattern Feels Great in Your Hand. Form-Fit Protective Case [FITS LIKE A GLOVE]
  • NEW AND IMPROVED: This Case Now has Direct Access to Fingerprint Sensor. Access to All Ports. Your Phone is [FULLY FUNCTIONAL] in the Case


If you're looking for a secure grip on your DuraForce Ultra 5G phone then this case will come in handy! The "Handy Series" combines our Tactical Rugged Case with an elastic palm strap. The strap is completely removable so you can use with or without hand strap.

PROTECTIVE MATERIEL: We call this the "Special Ops" series because the material has a distinct texture similar to the feel of tactical firearm equipment. The case is made of thick/flexible TPU material that feels like tough rubber. This TPU material will provide impact/shock absorption and excellent grip. Your camera/screen are also recessed within the case for protection.

HAND STRAP: The strap is made of an elastic nylon material. There are two discrete slots on the back of the case so the strap is harnessed 100% secure. It is intended to be a tight snug fit - Just enough room for your fingers or palm. You can slightly adjust the fit with hook-n-loop fastener. The case ships with hand strap already attached. If you do not want the added bulk on the back of the case, you can completely remove the strap.

FUNCTIONALITY: The case has cutouts for headset, charger, SOS button, camera/flash, fingerprint sensor. Features embossed mold for the following buttons: volume, PTT and programmable key.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: The case is simple to install and easy to remove. All you do is insert the phone in the skin and stretch/wrap around the perimeter and you're set!

DESIGN/COLOR: Case is matte black with glossy black accents. The engraved pattern boasts a bold and aggressive design.

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