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Black Anchor Lock Belt Clip Holster Case for Verizon Kyocera DuraForce Ultra 5G

  • $17.75
  • Save $22.24


  • Compatible with Kyocera DuraForce Ultra 5G UW (E7110)

Quick Description

  • SECURE ANCHOR: The Nakedcellphone Holster Utilizes the Anchors on Your Phone for Security and Stability. Slide Your DuraForce Ultra 5G Down into the Holster and Feel it "Click" into Place
  • ROTATION: Ratchet Clip Will Turn/Lock In Different Positions Vertical, Horizontal, etc. Low Profile Clip Keeps Your Phone Secure At Your Side
  • CARRY AND CONCEAL: The "Face-In" Design Keeps Your Screen Protected and Concealed While On the Jobsite
  • FREEDOM: Your DuraForce Ultra 5G is a 6.5" Beast - Free Your Pockets and Carry Your Phone in Comfort with Quick Access
  • DURABLE: Made of Strong Dense Polycarbonate with Matte Grid Texture Finish - Specifically Made for the Kyocera "DuraForce Ultra 5G UW" Phone (E7110)


Your DuraForce Ultra 5G is a massive phone that you probably don't want to carry in your pocket. This holster is the perfect solution! Free your pockets and have quick access at your side.

SECURE ANCHORS: Innovative design utilizes the anchors on your phone. Notice your Duraforce Ultra has 4 perimeter anchors - This holster has interior notches that align with the bottom 2 anchors. When you slide your phone down into the holster you can HEAR and FEEL it click secure. No more looking down and fumbling with awkward latches.

CUSTOM: This holster was specifically made to fit the Kyocera Duraforce Ultra 5G. It has been molded to match the contours of your phone. Simply insert your phone down into the holster and it fits snug and secure.

CONCEALED: Protective design holds the phone face-inward so your screen is protected and concealed on the jobsite.

ROTATING CLIP: The clip on the back of the holster will turn/lock in 13 different angles so you can position according to your preference (vertical, horizontal, etc). The clip has a slim profile so it will not extend far from your waist and bump into things.

INDUSTRIAL: The holster boasts heavy-duty construction: thick and dense polycarbonate that has been treated with matte grid-texture coating. Attach to your side and always have quick access to your phone!

CLOSE RANGE HOLDER: The holster is intended to be a holder for the phone so you can keep it secure at your side. Remove phone from holster to answer call and use the device. Like an old western, you'll be quick on the draw!

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