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Special Ops Tactical Rugged Shield Case for Google Pixel Tablet, Dock Compatible

  • $19.75
  • Save $20.24


  • For Google Pixel Tablet (2023)

Quick Description

  • The Special Ops Rugged Shield is Like [TACTICAL BODY ARMOR] for your Google Pixel Tablet (2023)
  • Gritty Matte Texture Will [RESIST FINGERPRINTS] so your Case Will Look Sharp All Day Long. TPU Rubber Material is [FLEXIBLE AND STRONG] to Absorb Shock/Impact
  • Special Cutout Makes the Case [DOCK-COMPATIBLE] and Elevated Trim Line Ensures Easy Alignment and Secure Placement on Your Dock
  • Your Pixel Tablet is [FULLY FUNCTIONAL] in this Case with Access to All Ports. Fits Like a Glove. Recessed Screen and Camera. Wireless-Charge-Compatible
  • Elevated Texture Pattern Feels Great in Your Hand and Provides [ENHANCED GRIP]. Bold Color Options to Protect Your Device in Style!


The Tactical Rugged Shield is a tough flexible cover that is ready to serve and protect your Google Pixel Tablet (2023). This case provides impact protection, shock absorption and enhanced textured grip. Furthermore, the matte texture will resist fingerprints so your tablet/case will look professional all day long!

TOUGH MATERIEL: We call this the "Special Ops" series because the material has a distinct texture similar to the feel of tactical firearm equipment. The case is made of thick/flexible TPU material that feels like tough rubber. This TPU material will provide shock protection and excellent grip.

Advantages of thermoplastic polyurethane: Light weight, most durable, corrosion resistant, shock absorbent, dent resistant, will not cut/tear. It is flexible but will always return to its original shape.

DOCK COMPATIBLE: Special oval cutout makes the case dock-compatible. Elevated trim around the oval matches the dock, allowing for quick/easy docking and perfect alignment.

GRITTY TEXTURE: This tactical case boasts a bold and aggressive design with its elevated pattern and gritty finish. The matte texture will resist fingerprints so your case will look fantastic all day long!

KEEP IT SIMPLE: The case is simple to install and easy to remove. All you do is insert the tablet in the skin and stretch/wrap around the perimeter and you're set! Your Pixel Tablet remains fully functional in the case with access to all ports and sensors. Your camera and screen are recessed within the case for protection.