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Rugged Case and Belt Clip Holster for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 5G

  • $17.75
  • Save $32.24


  • For Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 5G (SM-F721U, 2022)

Quick Description

  • The ULTIMATE Accessory Combination for Your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: Hybrid Protective Case + Strong Holster Belt Clip
  • RUGGED HYBRID CASE: The Special Ops Case is Like [TACTICAL BODY ARMOR] for your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Phone. CoMolding Technology Combines Rigid TPU Rubber with Dense Polycarbonate. Provides Impact Protection and Shock Absorption; Shield Your Galaxy Z Flip4 from Dings/Scratches in Style!
  • HOLSTER HOLDER: Carry and Conceal Your Phone in the Holster. The Strong [RATCHET CLIP] Can Turn/Lock In Different Positions. Keeps Your Device Secure and Accessible at Close Range.
  • FULLY FUNCTIONAL: Your Phone Remains Functional within the Case. [WIRELESS-CHARGE-COMPATIBLE]. Direct Access to All Ports. [ELEVATED LIP] Keeps Screen and Camera Lens Recessed. Flip Phone Open/Closed as Normal.
  • FLIPPIN' AWESOME: Bold and Aggressive Design with [ANTI-FINGERPRINT] Matte Finish So Your Case Will Look Fantastic All Day Long. Subtle Elevated Texture Pattern Feels Great in Your Hand for [ENHANCED GRIP]


We're proud to introduce our Special Ops Tactical Rugged Shield Case + Holster Combination for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. Unlike our slim series, this collection provides dual-layer protection. This hybrid case and ratchet belt clip are ready to serve and protect your Z Flip4.

HYBRID PROTECTION: New co-molding technology provides two layers of superior phone protection. The inner layer is made of tough/rigid TPU rubber and the exterior features dense polycarbonate. Fused together, these materials provide impact protection AND shock absorption.

BELT CLIP: Holster is made to fit the phone with case. The interior is lined with soft, nonabrasive micro-fiber material. The holster holds the collapsed phone so your device is concealed, protected and secure. Belt clip can turn/lock in 13 different positions.

CLOSE RANGE HOLDER: The holster is a holder for the phone so you can keep it secure and accessible at your side. Remove phone from holster to answer call and use the device. Like an old western, you'll be quick on the draw!

TEXTURE: This tactical case boasts a bold and aggressive design with its subtle elevated texture and gritty matte finish. The matte texture will resist fingerprints so your phone/case will look fantastic all day long!

FUNCTIONALITY: Your phone remains fully functional in the case with cutouts to access fingerprint sensor, charger, camera, speaker. You can still flip the phone open and closed as normal. The elevated lip helps guard your camera lens; exterior screen is also recessed within the elevated trim.

WIRELESS CHARGE: This case is wireless-charging-compatible. It will not interfere with your phone's wireless charging.

NO MESS: This Tactical Rugged Shield Combination is offered as black, gray, navy blue, olive green and camouflage. Gritty matte finish will resist fingerprints.

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