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  • Universal for Qi Enabled Phones

Quick Description

  • Charge Your Phone Wireless - Wireless Charging Works With Any Qi Enabled Device
  • Folding Design Allows You To Prop Phone At Different Viewing Angles
  • 3-Coil Design Offers Much Larger Charging Area
  • Prop Phone Horizontal Or Vertical
  • Micro USB Cable Included In Package


Charging is a pain in the butt! You have many devices and I'm sure you have a desk drawer full of messy cables/wires. Wouldn't it be nice to go wireless? Qi technology makes wireless charging possible!

WHAT IS Qi: Qi (pronounced Chee) is a method of charging your device with electromagnetic connection. You may have seen this type of charging’s the same concept with a wireless electric toothbrush. Now this method of inductive charging is being used with cell phones and tablets. Simply place your phone on the pad and your device will charge.

3-COIL DESIGN: Some wireless charging pads are frustrating because it’s hard to find that “sweet spot” to get a wireless charge. This model has 3-coil design that offers much wider charging area. That design provides lot of flexibility in positioning your device. Three transmitting coils more effectively cover the wireless charging area for full directional power to ensure easier alignment and most efficient charging.

VIEWING ANGLE: The charging pad will fold open so you can use it as a stand. It can support any angle up to 90 degrees during charging….this looks great on your desk and ideal for watching movies hands-free while charging.

SPECIFICATIONS: Input 5V-1.5A. Frequency: 110-205KHz. Conversion 72%. Weight 175g. Size 66x117x18mm

PACKAGE CONTENTS: Wireless Charging Pad, micro usb cable, User Manual.

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