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  • Universal for Qi Enabled Phones

Quick Description

  • Charge Your Phone Wireless - Wireless Charging Works With Any Qi Enabled Device
  • Also Functions as a Portable Charger [POWER BANK] with Built-In 8000mAh Back-Up Battery
  • With Portable Power You Can Charge Anytime, Anywhere. Supports 2.1A Fast Charge
  • Charge Up to 3 Devices at the Same Time (1 Wireless, 2 via USB)
  • Micro USB Cable Included to Charge this Portable Battery (can also charge via USB-Type C connection)


Charging is a pain in the butt! You have many devices and I'm sure you have a desk drawer full of messy cables/wires. Wouldn't it be nice to go wireless? Qi technology makes wireless charging possible!

WHAT IS Qi: Qi (pronounced Chee) is a method of charging your device with electromagnetic connection. You may have seen this type of charging’s the same concept as charging a wireless/electric toothbrush.

POWER BANK: This is NOT your typical wireless charging pad - This model is also a portable power bank! It features a built-in 8000mAh battery…that is enough juice to charge your typical cell phone 3-4 times. If you use this at your home or office, then you’ll probably have it plugged into a power source. However, now you’ll also have the freedom to unplug and charge on the go.

PORTABLE: The portability is ideal for travel, vacations, emergency, camping, hunting, etc. The possibilities are endless, you can even charge your phone on an airplane/train/bus. The power bank can slip into your pocket. With portable power you can charge anytime, anywhere!

CHARGE 3 DEVICES AT ONCE: There are 2 USB ports on this item, so you can also plug in your non-Qi devices and charge. So, in addition to the phone you have charging wirelessly, you can also utilize the USB ports to plug in 2 additional phones/devices.

RECHARGE OPTIONS: This charger has 2 different ports for input: MICRO USB or TYPE-C.

SPECIFICATIONS: Input: 5V-2A. Output 1: 1A. Output 2: 2A. Weight: 6.3oz. Dimensions 5.5 x 2.8 x 0.6”. CE/FCC/ROHS Certified with integrated smart-chip to prevent overcharge

COLOR: This offer is for BLACK. The exterior has a rubberized matte coating.

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