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  • Universal for phones with Standard Micro USB Port

Quick Description

  • Use This Adapter To Accept Qi Wireless Charge
  • Universal For Devices With Standard Micro USB Port
  • Simply Place This Adapter in the MICRO USB Charger Port of Your Phone. Now You Are Ready To Charge Wireless
  • Compatible With Any Qi Enabled Charger. Ultra Thin 89X43mm. Output 5V-800mA
  • Enjoy the Convenience of Wireless Charging!


Charging is a pain in the butt! You have many devices and I'm sure you have a desk drawer full of messy cables/wires. Wouldn't it be nice to go wireless? Qi technology makes wireless charging possible!

WHAT IS Qi: Qi (pronounced Chee) is a method of charging your device with electromagnetic connection. You may have seen this type of charging is the same concept as charging an electric toothbrush. Now this method of inductive charging is being used with cell phones and tablets.

Qi RECEIVER: If your phone does not support Qi wireless charging then you can make it compatible with this adapter. This adapter is called Qi receiver. Simply insert the connector into the micro usb port on your phone and the place the sticker on the back of your phone. Now you will be able to accept a wireless charge.

DISCRETE DESIGN: The ribbon on this Qi receiver is very thin so it can fit under the back door of many phone models - that way you can't see it. Another alternative to hiding the receiver is to use a slim phone case. Slim cases do not block the wireless charge but you'll want to avoid thicker cases.

If you have questions about Qi compatibility please shoot us an email. We also offer the wireless charging pads in our store.

SPECIFICATIONS: Input 5V. Output 800mA. Size 62x46x1mm. Weight 6g

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