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2-Pack Universal Stylus Sleeve Holder Case for Samsung S-Pen Fold, Apple Pencil

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Quick Description

  • 2-PACK STYLUS PEN HOLDER: Designed for the S Pen Fold Edition. Flexible Material so it is Universal and also Compatible with Larger Stylus such as Galaxy S Pen Pro or Apple Pencil
  • CONVENIENT: Attach the Holder to the Back of Your Phone/Tablet and Always Have Quick Access to Your Stylus (also handy for notebooks and clipboard pens). This is Ideal for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Series of Phones (Z Fold 5, Z Fold 4, Z Fold 3)
  • SECURE: Low Profile and Minimalistic Design to Avoid Excess Bulk. Vegan Leather Material with Snug Elastic Lycra Sleeve
  • CASE COMPATIBLE: Have a Case on Your Phone or Tablet? No Problem! Just Make Sure Your Case has Smooth/Flat Surface
  • EASY INSTALL: Simple Peel-and-Stick Adhesive for Convenient and Practical Placement


Keep your stylus handy and accessible with the Nakedcellphone Universal Stylus Sleeve.

CONVENIENT: Many phones and tablets do not have a dedicated slot for stylus. Now you can create your own! Simply peel the 3M strip on the back and apply it anywhere: back of your phone, back of your tablet, briefcase, clipboard, phone case, tablet case, etc.

VERSATILE SIZE: This item was designed to hold the S Pen Fold edition but the elastic material make this universal/compatible with many other stylus such as S Pen Pro, S Pen Standard, Apple Pencil, etc. Dimensions 5.875 tall, 1" wide (150mm tall, 25mm wide).

DURABLE: The elastic lycra material will keep your stylus snug and safe. Black leather accents with perimeter stitching ensures durability.

VALUE PACK: This is a twin-pack. One purchase includes 2 units.

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