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Slim Hard Protective Shell Case Cover for Apple Airpods Pro (2019)

  • $11.75
  • Save $8.24


  • Apple Airpods Pro (2019)

Quick Description

  • Protective Hard Shell for Your Apple Airpods Pro Console
  • Slim Form-Fit Design Still Fits In Your Pocket; No Excess Bulk
  • Hard Polycarbonate Provides Impact Protection; Shield Your Airpod Pro Console from Dings/Scratches
  • Remain Fully-Funtional - Access Charger Port, Flip Open/Closed, Compatible with Wireless Charging
  • Multiple Color Options - Protect Your Airpods Pro in Style!


The Protex Case is a hard shell that will protect your Airpods Pro Console. The item is simple to install, only takes a second. All you do is fit the 2 pieces on the top/bottom and you're set!

The casing is light-weight, strong, and durable. It’s made of a hard, shatter-proof plastic that is slim and discrete.

This is a great investment! You will eventually drop your Airpods Pro. A slim hard cover offers peace of mind and protection from scratches.

Your Airpods Pro remain fully functional in the case. You can still access charger port and flip open/closed. This case does not interfere with wireless charging. Forget the bulky cases; this cover will keep your console slim and sleek.

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