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Secure Click Case Rugged Protective Cover Carabiner Clip for Apple Airpods Pro

  • $14.75
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  • Apple Airpods Pro (2019)

Quick Description

  • RUGGED PROTECTION: 2-Layer Hybrid Case Will Protect Your Apple Airpods Pro Console. Free Carabiner Clip Included
  • LIKE A GLOVE: Slim Form-Fit Design Still Fits In Your Pocket - Specifically Made for "Airpods Pro"
  • SHOCK/IMAPCT PROTECTION: Firm Polycarbonate Hard Shell Wrapped with Rubber Trim. Shield Your Airpod Pro Console from Dings/Scratches/Drops
  • FULLY FUNCTIONAL: Your Airpods Pro Console Remains Fully Funtional - Access Charger Port, Flip Open/Closed, View Indicator Light, Compatible with Wireless Charging
  • SECURE CLICK: You Can Hear and Feel the Lid Lock Secure Closed. Press Button to Releas the Latch. Unique Color Options - Protect Your Airpods Pro in Style!


Protect and carry your "Airpods Pro" in style with this rugged and durable case!

HYBRID CASE: The Secure-Click Case is made of two materials designed for shock absorption and impact protection. The inner layer is tough flexible TPU rubber. The exterior has firm polycarbonate accents that have been treated with a soft-touch powder coating. No glossy materials = No messy fingerprints.

SECURE: When you close the lid, you'll hear and feel the latch "click" secure. Press the bottom of the latch to quickly open the lid. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your Airpods Pro are secure shut.

CARABINER CLIP: Free clip included that you can attach to the side of the case. The carabiner is a versatile clip because you can attach to most anything: belt loop, backpack, strap, purse, keychain, etc. If you don't like clips, the side hole is also a great location to attach your own lanyard strap.

PROTECTION: This is a great investment! You will eventually drop your Airpods Pro. This case offers peace of mind and protection from scratches. Is your console already dinged up? This will cover the blemishes and make your console look better than ever!

FUNCTIONALITY: Your Airpods Pro console remains fully functional in the case. You can still access charger port and flip open/closed. The notification/indicator light remains visible. This case does not interfere with wireless charging.

STYLE: The unique two-tone color combo looks great and is easy to identify as your own.

(The AirpodsPro console is not included; Offer is for the case and clip)

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