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Universal Silicone Suction Cup Windshield/Dashboard Mount Holder for Cell Phone

  • $11.75
  • Save $8.24


  • Universal for Smartphones/iPhones
  • Minimum Width 2.2" Max Width 4"

Quick Description

  • SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE: Spring Tension Holder Will Expand to Fit Your Device
  • SECURE AIR TIGHT SEAL: Suction Cup Gel Pad with Lever Securely Mounts on Windshield or Dashboard
  • UNIVERSAL: Broad Holder Fits Phones of All Sizes. Rubber Padded Arms Ensure Phone is Snug and Will Not Slip
  • YOUR IDEAL VIEWING ANGLE: 360 Degree Rotatable Ball Head Swivel - Adjust to Your Perfect Angle/Orientation
  • EASY INSTALLATION : No Tools Required. Simply Press the Gel Suction Cup Down Firm, Lock Clamp, and You're Good-to-Go


Traditional suction cup mounts are frustrating and inevitably fall. This StickPad uses a unique silicone cup that creates an air-tight seal. The silicone rubber elastomer makes this suitable for your car's windshield or dashboard.

EASY INSTALL: Press the silicone cup against your windshield/window/dashboard. While maintaining pressure, push the lever down to create a tight vacuum seal and the mount is secure. The strength of this suction cup is impressive and will not budge in the car! To remove the unit, simply unlatch the lever and pull the suction release tab.

SAFETY: Don't look down while driving! Mounting on the dash or windshield keeps your eyes up - perfect for utilizing your smartphone's navigation. Be safe and choose a spot that will not obstruct your view.

VERSATILE: You can install in a matter of seconds. This is not a permanent mount so you have the flexibility to remove, rinse silicone cup, and switch to another vehicle. The neck/arm is reversible so you can change the orientation of the mount.

PADDED HOLDER: The phone holder portion of the mount has padded rubber arms for non-slip grip. The holder is connected with ball joint so you can turn and lock in different positions 360 degrees. Our iPhone looks really cool when displayed horizontal - great position to utilize GPS navigation or watch videos or flip though music player.

COMPATIBILITY: The side arms feature spring tension. Expand the side arms and insert phone. The spring tension coupled with rubber padding ensure phone will not budge. Expand the holder to fit many different devices such as smartphone, iPhone, MP3 player, GPS, etc. The minimum width is 2.2" and the maximum width is 4". The ability to customize the size makes this compatible with virtually any cell phone.

COLOR: Black with Gray