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  • Universal for All Phones

Quick Description

  • It's Never Been More Easy and Convenient to Go Hands-Free in the Car
  • Fits any Car, Truck, RV Air Vent. Clamp Will Attach to Horizontal or Vertical Vent
  • Strong and Lightweight Magnets. The Mount Comes with 2 Thin Magnetic Plates/Adapters (round and rectangular)
  • Place Metal Plate Inside Your Phone Case (or directly on your phone) and Instantly Your Phone Will Attach to the Powerful Magnet
  • Easy & Safe – Within Split Second You Can Attach Your Phone On/Off the Mount in Any Position


Are you tired of complicated car mounts that require two hands? This AC Vent mount uses magnetic connection that makes displaying your phone quick and easy! Now you'll be able to safely mount your phone in the blink of an eye.

AC VENT: This location is a safe and excellent location to mount your phone because it does not obstruct your windshield view. It is easy to install, no tools required. Use this in your car, truck, RV, SUV, etc…Securely mounts onto any car air vent. The spring loaded clamp can latch onto vertical or horizontal vent. The padded clamp will protect your air vent from scratches.

TWO ADAPTERS: This kit includes 2 magnet adapters: one circle magnet and one rectangular magnet. Use the included 3M tape to attach to the back of your phone or phone case. If you have a slim case on your phone then you may be able to place the magnet inside your phone case to create a hidden magnetic connection. Instantly your phone will attach to the powerful magnetic car mount.

360 DEGREE SWIVEL: The ball joint allows you to adjust the position of the mount. You can pivot the mount into the desired position. Place your phone on the mount vertical or horizontal or any angle in between. The strong magnetic connection will lock the phone in place however you want to set it.

SAFETY: Don't look down while driving! The AC vent is a great location for your mount because it keeps your eyes up - perfect for utilizing your smartphone's navigation.

COMPATIBILITY: The magnetic mount is a universal accessory that can be used with any cell phone or iPhone. Ideal for phone size up to 5.7” display size. 100% safe Neodymium magnet is 50% more powerful than regular magnets.

RESTRICTIONS: Magnets are safe to use with cell phone. However, do NOT use with "iPod classic" or any device with hard drive.