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Tech21 Pure Clear Case Transparent Cover for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, S8+

  • $9.75
  • Save $30.20


  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
  • *Please Note: This is made for the larger "Galaxy S8 PLUS." This is NOT for the standard Galaxy S8

Quick Description

  • Premium Quality Tech21 Case for Galaxy S8 Plus
  • FlexShock Technology Repels Shock and Provides Incredible 10-Foot Drop Protection
  • Flexible Responsive Buttons and Hard Scratch-Resistant Transparent Backing
  • Coated for UV Resistance so it Will Not Turn Yellow and Remain Crystal Clear
  • BulletShield™ Features Interlayer of BASF (The Same Agent Used In Bullet-Proof Glass)


Why do you see Tech21 brand cases at major retail stores? Why do service providers offer Tech21 cases alongside their phones? It's simple. Tech21 is a premium brand that exudes quality. The protection and fitment and functionality never disappoint.

BULLETSHIELD: At the heart of Tech21's clear case is the patented BulletShield protection. This BASF polymer (found in bullet proof glass) absorbs and dissipates impact. Originally designed to be used in bulletproof glass, BulletShield is ultra-efficient and beautifully clear, making it the perfect material for a transparent case.

DROP PROTECTION: Tech21's unique material surrounds the perimeter of your phone. This spongy polymer protects from drops of up to 10 feet (3 meters). This advanced technology allows Tech21 cases to remain slim (50% thinner and 50% lighter than the competition).

UV PROTECTION: You'll notice that cheap clear cases will eventually turn yellow. This case is UV resistant to avoid yellowing. Completely transparent design will showcase the original beauty of your phone. In fact, Tech21 claims this is the most transparent case available.

ANTI-SCRATCH: Completely clear, rock-solid protection made with a secret scratch-resistant formula. Self-healing finish keeps your case looking great over time.

FUNCTIONALITY: Your phone remains fully functional in the case with access to all ports. Flexible buttons provide expert accuracy and great feedback. With this case, your phone remains wireless-charging-compatible.

COLOR: Transparent Clear

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