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Tech21 Impact Shield Anti-Scratch Screen Protector for Galaxy J3 Prime 2017

  • $9.75
  • Save $30.20


  • Galaxy J3 Prime J327, Galaxy Express Prime-2 J327A
  • Galaxy J3 Emerge J327P
  • Galaxy J3 Eclipse, J3 Mission SM-J327V
  • Galaxy Sol-2 (DSMN5009), Galaxy Amp Prime-2 J327A
  • Galaxy Luna Pro S327

Quick Description

  • Premium Quality Tech21 Brand
  • BulletShield™ Features Interlayer of BASF (The Same Agent Used In Bullet-Proof Glass)
  • Self Healing Film with Durable Scratch Resistant Finish
  • Transparent Clarity with Edge-to-Edge Screen Protection
  • Easy Install Applicator Included for Perfect Alignment. Your Screen will be Beautifully Smooth and Bubble-Free


The Tech21 Impact Shield is a Self-Healing ANTI-SCRATCH screen protector made for Galaxy J3 2017 that contains an advanced multi-layer system.

PREMIUM BRAND: See the logo; Trust the product. This item retails for 39.95. Tech21 is trusted brand that works in collaboration with phone manufactures to design their products.

MULTI-LAYER: This single sheet is composed of 3 compounded layers. (1) A hard top layer spreads the impact over a wider surface area. (2) A second layer, BulletShield™ featuring BASF polymer found in bullet proof glass, absorbs and dissipates impact. (3) A final third soft layer dampens force and further absorbs impact protecting your screen with the most intelligent impact protection yet.

BULLETSHIELD: Featuring BulletShield™, used in bulletproof glass, the Impact Shield absorbs impact force and stops it from passing through to your screen. No more fear/stress of damage!

PRECISION: The Impact Shield is contoured perfectly while the strong, lasting adhesive holds it in place securely. This protector is like the best of all worlds: glass-like smoothness with flexibility that allows it to conform perfectly to the screen. This film is pliable and strong.

SELF-HEALING: Tough durable coating spreads impact force and protects against scratches. Unlike glass, this keeps your screen smooth and crystal clear for longer duration.

FREE APPLICATOR: Some people dread installing screen protectors. So, Tech21 includes a free application tray and illustrated instructions to achieve a beautifully smooth and bubble-free screen with perfect alignment. Tech21 even provides a link so you can watch video demo of the installation.

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