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Soft Silicone Rubber Grip Skin Case Cover for Sony PlayStation 5 PS5 Controller

  • $11.75
  • Save $8.24


  • for PlayStation 5 Controller

Quick Description

  • Soft Rubber Skin Made Specifically for the PS5 Controller
  • Silicone Gel Material Provides Enhanced Grip
  • Protection from Shock and Impact
  • Your PlayStation 5 Controller Remains FULLY FUNCTIONAL with Access to All Buttons/Ports


GRIP: Intense gamers know that one slip can be devastating. Get a grip on your PS5 controller with this form-fit rubber skin. The soft silicone gel feels satisfying in your hands and also offers protection.

PROTECTION: This rubber skin is a great solution to keep your controller protected from scuffs and drops. The flexible material provides both shock absorption and impact protection.

STYLE: The rubber skins are available in different colors so you can personalize and protect your controller in style! Buy multiple colors and differentiate your controllers for quick and easy identification.

FUNCTIONALITY: Your controller remains fully functional in the rubber skin. You have direct access to all buttons and ports.

*This offer is for the protective case. The PS5 Controller is not included.