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PureGear White Dualtek Case Belt Clip Tech21 Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 8

  • $9.75
  • Save $75.19


  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Quick Description

  • Unique Two Item Combination - Premium Quality PureGear Brand Case + Tech21 Screen Protector
  • Military Approved Impact Protection; Shock-Absorbing Rubber Bumpers at All 4 Corners
  • Ergonomic Ribbed Grips on Right/Left Sides; Holster Belt Clip Included
  • Full Size Tech21 ImpactShield Screen Protector with Install Kit
  • Both Items Brand New in Retail Package


We’ve combined 2 exceptional products in this bundle so your phone will have complete protection. You get the PureGear case/holster combo (retails for 44.99) and one Tech21 ImpactShield screen protector (retails for 39.95).

The PureGear DualTek HIP case is made specifically for drop protection. This is a case + holster combination. The case is one piece and made of many different materials that are engineered to absorb shock/drops. The Dualtek series is Military Standard Tested and Approved. In addition, Dualtek ranked #1 in drop test results versus other leading brands.

PROTECTION: Case is made of impact resistant polycarbonate that has a stunning white glossy finish. The ribbed grips on each side are ergonomically designed for a secure/comfortable hold. The interior material is a shock absorbing spongy polymer and the corners feature elevated rubber bumpers for impact protection - this controls shock by isolating the vibration from drops up to six feet.

BELT CLIP: Holster is made to fit the phone with Dualtek case and can fit the phone BOTH WAYS: face-outward for viewing or face-inward to protect the screen. The ratchet clip can turn/lock in different positions.

HOLSTER KICKSTAND: There is a hinge on the inside of the belt clip so you can prop open. This is handy for propping the phone on your table/desk.

COLOR/STYLE: This offer is for ARCTIC WHITE color with gray accents.

SCREEN PROTECTOR: We've combined the case above with the Tech21 ImpactShield Screen Protector. This brand is well known for its BulletShield™ interlayer of BASF (The same agent used in bullet-proof glass). Features full size 3D-curved design to match the contours of your screen. This screen protector comes with installation applicator to ensure perfect alignment.

With this unique bundle, your phone will have COMPLETE protection.

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