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  • LG G4

Quick Description

  • Two Item Combination - Premium Quality PureGear Brand Case + Screen Protector
  • Excellent Impact Protection Hard Shell with Flexible Trim
  • Form-Fit Design Keeps Your Phone Slim
  • Flexible Glass Film with Self-Healing Technology; 9H Rating for Anti-Scratch, Ultra Thin Shatterproof Design
  • Error-Free Application Tray with Roller Ensures Perfect Alignment and No Bubbles


We’ve combined 2 exceptional products in this bundle so your phone will have complete protection. You get one PureGear phone case (retails for 29.99) and one PureGear flex glass screen protector (retails for 39.99).

PHONE CASE: The PureGear Slim-Shell case is a premium phone cover that provides excellent hard shell protection with style! The main selling point of the Slim-Shell is, of course, its slim/sleek design. The case is quite thin, but provides complete protection with its rigid polycarbonate construction. The edges are infused with semi-flexible TPU material so its easy to grip and gives it a sporty look. Your phone is fully functional in the case with access to all ports and buttons.

The case is one piece construction made of mostly hard polycarbonate. The lcd screen is recessed within the case for protection; screen will not touch the surface when placing your phone on a table face down. This is a great investment! You will eventually drop your phone. A hard cover offers peace of mind and better protection than a soft flimsy skin. If you keep your phone clean and scratch-free, that will improve your resale value down the road.

SCREEN PROTECTOR: The PureGear PureTek Screen Protection Kit makes installation a breeze....all you have to do is roll. It’s the first ultimate screen shield protection made simple! The patented application tray and roller allows for a fast, easy application of the screen shield with accurate alignment and a bubble-free appearance.

TYPE: Flexible Glass. The flexible glass/film hybrid material is shatter resistant and rated 9H anti-scratch. This shield can absorb impact better than standard screen protector sheets and it is ultra thin .24mm. Now your screen will be protected with HD clarity.

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