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  • Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6s

Quick Description

  • Premium Quality PureGear Brand. This is a Protective Case + Armband Combination
  • Comfortable Strap is Antibacterial. Dry+Flex Technology Will Resist Moisture; Odor-Free
  • Phone Case Features Built-In Kickstand. Armband Also Provides 2 Card Slots
  • Cord Clip Included in Package for your Earbuds - Use it to Wind Up the Slack
  • Brand New In Retail Package


The PureGear HIP Sports Armband with matching protective case is made for the iPhone 6/6s. Unlike universal armbands, this is made specifically for your iPhone. Simply snap the protective cover on your phone. When you’re ready to get moving, slide your phone into the armband and you’re ready to go! This comprehensive armband lets you carry everything you need: your phone, ID, a credit card and a key

MORE THAN EXERCISE: Whether you run, bike, hike, skate or just walking the dog...Take your phone with you! Armbands are ideal for listening to music on the go. Best of all, your phone slides right into the case and you have direct access to screen, ports, etc. The adjustable armband makes this the perfect companion for your everyday active lifestyle.

PHONE COVER: The protective case is slim/practical and features kickstand so you can prop your phone for viewing. Your phone is fully functional in the case; access all buttons/ports. The case is made of hard polycarbonate that has been treated with a rubberized powder coating for durability.

DRY+FLEX TECHNOLOGY: The coconut carbon layer applied to the inner side of the band provides antibacterial, odor-free and moisture-wicking benefits - keeping you clean and dry. The armband is also removable and washable.

FEATURES: Flexible fit wings provide the ultimate comfort while the square embossed lining allows blood circulation and airflow for coolness. Proprietary reflective material is designed on the outer band for safety on the road.

CORD KEEPER: A separate clip is included for your headset. The cable-management clip offers a convenient place to store excess headset cable.

SIZE: The strap is adjustable. Intended for 9-15” arm.

COLOR: Black with Lime Green accents.

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