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PureGear Black GlassBak 360 Case + Tech21 Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 8

  • $9.75
  • Save $70.19


  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Quick Description

  • Unique Two Item Combination - Premium Quality PureGear Brand Case + Tech21 Screen Protector
  • Aluminum Bumper Frame Protects the Perimeter from Impact
  • BACK GLASS: Black Tempered Glass Panel Protects the Back of Your Phone with Style!
  • FRONT SCREEN PROTECTION: Full Size Tech21 ImpactShield Screen Protector with Install Kit
  • Both Items Brand New in Retail Package


We’ve combined 2 exceptional products in this bundle so your phone will have complete protection. You get one PureGear phone case (retails for 39.99) and one Tech21 ImpactShield screen protector (retails for 39.95).

A sophisticated phone deserves a classy case. This PureGear "GlassBak 360" Case combines exquisite beauty with functional protection. It features an aluminum bumper with unique tempered glass back plate. The GlassBak 360 case feels like an extension of the device; staying true to the original slim design of your phone.

ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION: The wrap-around bumper will protect the trim/bezel of your device. The aluminum material is light-weight and delivers excellent impact protection.

BACK TEMPERED GLASS: PureGear has your back, literally. Although the aluminum frame is svelte and professional on its own, PureGear added a layer of backside tempered glass that makes this case extraordinary. The glass enhances the beauty of your phone and protects your rear from scratches.

SILVER METAL BUTTONS: This case has dedicated metal buttons for volume and power. This feature makes it easier to press those buttons and the silver accents look fantastic.

WIRELESS CHARGING: Unlike many cases on the market, this slim case will not interfere with wireless charging.

COLOR: This bumper is black with silver metal accents. The tempered glass is solid black.

SCREEN PROTECTOR: We've combined the case above with the Tech21 ImpactShield Screen Protector. This brand is well known for its BulletShield™ interlayer of BASF (The same agent used in bullet-proof glass). Features full size 3D-curved design to match the contours of your screen. This screen protector comes with installation applicator to ensure perfect alignment.

With this unique bundle, your phone will have COMPLETE protection.

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