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PureGear Baby Pink SOFT-TEK Case Cover + Tempered Glass for iPhone X/Xs/10/10s

  • $9.75
  • Save $45.23


  • Apple iPhone X (aka iPhone 10)
  • Apple iPhone Xs (aka iPhone 10s)

Quick Description

  • Unique Two Item Combination - Premium Quality PureGear Brand Case + Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • Durable Slim Fit Case with Smooth Touch Finish. Feels Luxurious In Your Hand
  • Stylish Metal Buttons; Your Phone Remains Fully Functional In Case With Access To All Ports
  • Authentic Tempered Glass Offers Rugged Screen Protection
  • Both Items Brand New in Retail Package


We’ve combined 2 exceptional products in this bundle so your phone will have complete protection. You get the PureGear case (retails for 34.99) and one Tempered Glass screen protector (retails for 19.99).

The PureGear Soft-TEK feels oh-so-good in your hand. The flexible case provides excellent grip, firm shell protection, shock absorption and you'll love rubbing your fingertips across it's supple texture!

SILKY SMOOTH: The main selling point of the Soft-TEK is (you guessed it) the unique soft comfortable grip. This style case is often referred to an "liquid silicone." The exterior is grippy yet ultra smooth. The silicone-treated exterior will resist fingerprints so your case will look great all day long.

FUNCTIONALITY: Your phone is fully functional in the case with complete access to all ports, camera, speakers. You’ll especially like the responsiveness (and look) of the exterior chrome buttons for volume/power. Your screen is recessed within the case for protection.

WHY IS THIS BETTER THAN A SILICONE SKIN? (1) The traditional rubber/silicone skins are hard to get out of your pocket. Whereas, this material will slide out of your pocket with ease and you still get the soft "grippy" feel in your hand. (2) Silicone skins are flimsy. TPU material will retain it's shape and fits like a glove. (3) Silicone skins will accumulate lint and dust. TPU material will repel lint/dust.

COLOR: This offer is for the LIGHT PINK color.

BONUS: We've added a sheet of our Tempered Glass to the case above. The front glass is crystal clear, 9H hardness, case-compatible, easy to install. With this bundle, your iPhone will have COMPLETE protection.

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