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PureGear 4-Port USB Rapid Charging Station, Universal for iPhone, iPad, Macbook

  • $14.75
  • Save $45.24


  • Universal for USB-A
  • Universal for USB-C

Quick Description

  • Premium Quality PureGear Brand
  • Plug into Wall Outlet and Charge 4 Devices at One Time
  • Features 3 USB Ports and 1 Type-C Port
  • Patented Charge Technology Identifies Device and Charges at Max Speed
  • 46.5 Watts, 110-240V, 2.1A per USB-A Port, 3A per USB-C Port


Every household seems to have a designated charging area. For us, it was the kitchen. If I needed to charge, you best believe I was gonna unplug the wife's iPhone or the kid's iPad and slide right in.

This inevitably leads to some kind of squabble. The PureGear Charging Station is the ideal solution to bring peace and power to your beloved family/devices.

This Charging Hub provides 4 ports so you can charge your gadgets FAST. If you're still using typical wall adapters and standard USB cables then it's time to upgrade.

3X USB-A - These ports deliver 2.1A power for a rapid charge via your USB cable
1X USB-C - This port delivers faster charge at 3A power.

PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: PureGear's technology will recognize your device to provide max charging speed

CHARGE 4 DEVICES AT ONCE: There are 4 ports: Simply link your device to the USB port or Type-C port with your cable. You can even utilize all 4 ports to charge 4 devices at the same time.

CONVENIENCE: You'll love the convenience of this station! This is a compact location where you can charge all your devices at one time - ideal for your desk!

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