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Portable USB Charger for Apple Watch 44mm/40mm/42mm/38mm Series 4/3/2/1 iWatch

  • $19.79
  • Save $30.20


  • Apple Watch (All models and Sizes)

Quick Description

  • Convenient USB Charger for Your Apple Watch
  • Magnetic Wireless Connection Secures Your iWatch; Portable, Small, Compact, Lightweight
  • Remove Cap to Reveal USB Connector; Pair it with your Apple Power Brick to Make the Ideal Charging Station
  • Plug into Laptop, Desktop, USB Wall Adapter, USB Car Adapter, Power Bank - Basically Any Powered USB Port
  • Universal Design for ALL Sizes of the Apple Watch: 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, 44mm


The USB Charging Stick is a small and portable dock for your Apple Watch. Forget the long messy cords! Now you can create a compact charging station wherever you have access to a USB port.

- Plug into USB port on laptop
- Plug into USB port from wall adapter (aka Power Brick)
- Plug into USB port from your car charger
- Plug into USB port on a portable charger or power bank
- Plug into USB port on hub
- Plug into USB port on computer

PORTABLE: The USB Charging Stick is about the size of a flash drive and features end cap to protect male USB connection. The streamline design is small, lightweight and compact.

MAGNETIC: This charger uses magnetic connection to grab your Apple Watch and ensure perfect placement.

VIEW: The USB Charging Stick holds your Apple Watch upright for close and convenient view.

VERSATILE: Since this Charging Stick plugs into USB port you have many placement options. Have a spare Apple power brick laying around? Pair it with this Charging Stick to make a dedicated charging station.

SPECIFICATIONS: Input 5V 1A. Output 1.5W

COMPATIBILITY: This works with all sizes of Apple Watch Series 1/2/3/4.

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