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New Travel Passport Wallet Case Cover with Credit Card Slots

  • $12.75
  • Save $17.24


  • Universal for Travel Passport

Quick Description

  • Wallet and Case for Your Passport All-In-One
  • Keeps Your Passport Concealed and Protected
  • Several Professional and Unique Colors Available
  • Wallet Slots To Store Credit Cards, Business Cards, Id, etc. One Full Slot On Inner Left Side
  • Slim Design with Durable Textured Exterior. Matte Surface Will Not Show Messy Fingerprints


Traveling can be stressful and complex. This passport case will be your convenient traveling companion. The Infolio-D case is made specifically for your International Passport and functions as a wallet. Simplify your life with this unique and durable wallet case!

MATERIAL: The case is made of textured canvas material that feels nice in your hand. Installation is easy: Open the case like a book and you'll see a sleeve on the right side. Simply slide in your passport, close the wallet and you’re ready to go!

STORAGE: This case also features four (4) storage compartments on the interior left side. The three credit card slots will accommodate multiple cards in each slot. Behind the left panel you’ll see one full-length slot. Now you can carry your passport, id, credit cards, business cards, etc, all in one case!

NO MESS: The matte material on the case is durable and will not show those messy fingerprints.

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