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New Silicone Rubber Skin Case Cover with Keychain Ring Holder for Apple AirTag

  • $9.75
  • Save $7.20


  • Compatible with Apple AirTags

Quick Description

  • Specifically Made to Fit the Apple AirTags Finder/Locator (AirTag Not Included)
  • Never Lose Your Keys Again! Use the Keychain Ring to Quickly Connect Your Keys to the Clasp
  • Premium Silicone Material Offers Protection from Shock and Impact
  • Simple Quick and Easy Installation - Makes a Great Gift!
  • Your Locator Remains Secure Fully Functional in the Protective Case Cover


Your Apple AirTags are handy locators. This rubber link holder features ring clasp so you can attach your locator to everyday items.

PRACTICAL USES: Attach to key-chain to keep track of your keys. Link to interior zipper on purse or backpack. Simple, yet versatile: depress the clasp to quickly connect to many other items.

PROTECTION: This rubber skin material is flexible so it is easy to install the AirTag with secure snug fit. The silicone rubber material will also protect the AirTag from impact/shock.

PORTABLE: The holder measures 3.5" tall from bottom to top of ring and it's less than 1oz. The small and lightweight design allows for discrete portability.

FUNCTIONALITY: Your AirTag remains fully functional in the rubber skin. This material will not disrupt locating functions.

*This offer is for the rubber case with ring clasp. The AirTag is not included.

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