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  • Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s

Quick Description

  • 1 Sheet For Front LCD, 1 Sheet For Back Of Phone
  • Mirror Version So Your LCD Screen Will Dual As A Reflective Mirror
  • High Quality Rigid Sheet That Will Protect Your LCD Screen From Scratches
  • Free Micro-Fiber Cleaner Cloth Included
  • No Cutting Necessary - Custom Made For Contours Of The Apple iPhone 4


If you want to invest a little money to protect your LCD screen, this is the perfect solution. A screen protector is a sheet/overlay that will cling onto your lcd screen and ward off scratches.

Beware of others selling generic screen protectors that require cutting to size. These screen protectors are precise and designed specifically for the contours of the iPhone 4 and NO CUTTING REQUIRED.

FRONT SHEET: The sheet covers the complete front face of the iPhone 4 and has two cutouts: (1) The top cutout exposes earpiece, front camera and proximity light sensor. (2) The bottom cutout is for circle home button.

This front screen protector is "MIRROR" version. When your lcd screen is active then you can see your screen as normal. When you are not using the phone and lcd screen is blacked out then you will see mirror reflection. (great for looking over your shoulder, touching up makeup, or getting that pesky popcorn kernel out of your teeth:)

BACK SHEET: This sheet is crystal clear; covers the complete back of the iPhone 4 and has one cutout that exposes camera/flash.

Protect your iPhone 4 with a high quality screen protector! The lcd screen protector is silicone based which will not leave any sticky residue if you remove. This is the ultimate solution for protecting your lcd screen from scratches. The screen protector will not interfere with touchscreen commands - your touchscreen is still 100% fully functional. This is a great investment! If you keep your lcd screen clean and scratch-free that will improve your resale value down the road.

Free micro-fiber cloth included so you can clean the screen before application.

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