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Kickstand Case + Hand Strap + Belt Clip Holster for Zebra TC53 TC58 Scanner

  • $29.75
  • Save $15.24


  • For Zebra TC53 and TC58

Quick Description

  • THREE ITEM COMBINATION: Protective Kickstand Case + Hand Strap + Custom Belt Clip Holster Combo for Zebra TC53 / TC58 Mobile Computer Handheld Scanner
  • ROTATION: Slide Your Device Down Into the Holster. Ratchet Clip Will Turn/Lock In Different Positions Vertical, Horizontal, etc. Low Profile Clip Keeps Your Scanner Secure At Your Side
  • CARRY AND CONCEAL: The "Face-In" Design Keeps Your Screen Protected and Concealed While on the Move. Free Your Pockets and Carry Your Scanner in Comfort with Quick Access
  • HAND STRAP: No More Drops! Secure Grip in the Hand with Less Effort. Thread Strap Thru Case and Secure on Scanner
  • HANDS-FREE VIEWING: Kickstand Will Prop Device for Viewing Vertical or Horizontal. Textured Pattern with Powder Coating Provides No Messy Fingerprints


This combination includes one hard case + one hand strap + one holster for Zebra TC53/TC58. The KickStand case provides added protection and functions as a hands-free viewing stand. Thread the hand strap thru the corresponding slots on your scanner for secure grip. The holster will keep your scanner secure and accessible at close range.

HAND STRAP: Now you can relax those hand muscles while keeping your device secure and accessible. The hand harness is also a good investment because it helps prevent those accidental drops. Strap can be used with or without hard case.

CASE DESIGN: This case is a slim hard shell that snaps on the back of your device. The case is made of hard industrial polycarbonate that has been treated with a powder coating for extra durability. Case also has ribbed grid pattern for enhanced tactile grip.

FUNCTIONALITY: Your device is fully functional in the case with cutouts to access all buttons/ports and sensors. If you do not use a hand strap then you can utilize the case's kickstand feature. Back of the case features built-in stand. Unsnap the hinge then slide downward until the kickstand snaps into place. Now you can prop your scanner in different positions at your desk or workstation.

BELT CLIP: Holster is made to fit the included case. Slide your scanner in/out of the holster. The interior is lined with soft micro-fiber material to ensure your screen will remain scratch free. The holster is designed to hold the device "face-inward" so your screen is concealed and protected while on the go. Clip can turn/lock in 13 different positions. Attach the clip to your side and always have quick access to your scanner - Like an old western, you'll be quick on the draw!

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