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Gravity Link Car Mount Handsfree AC Vent Phone Holder for iPhone / Smartphones

  • $11.75
  • Save $18.24


  • Universal for Smartphones/iPhones
  • Minimum Width 2.2" Max Width 3.26"

Quick Description

  • GRAVITY LINK DESIGN: The Weight of Your Phone Triggers Side Arms to Contract Inward and Secure Phone
  • OBEY THE LAW: Most State Laws Enforce Hands-Free Driving. Keep Your Phone Close and Secure at Close Range
  • UNIVERSAL: Made for Slim Rectangular Smartphones so Wide Range of Compatibility
  • EASY AND CONVENIENT: Vertically Insert/Remove Phone with One Hand
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: No Tools Required - Spring Tension Clip Latches onto Traditional Air Vent


This Gravity Link phone mount will attach to your car's AC Vent. Its unique design uses gravity mechanism.

GRAVITY LINK: To mount your phone, simply drop your phone straight down into the cradle. The weight of your phone on bottom bracket triggers the side arms to contact inward and grip your phone secure. Now you'll be able to quickly mount your phone with one hand. To remove the phone, pull straight upward.

AC VENT: This is a safe and excellent location to mount your phone because it does not obstruct your windshield view. It is easy to install, no tools required. Use this in your car, truck, RV, SUV, etc. Securely mounts onto any traditional car air vent blade. The spring loaded clamp can latch onto vertical or horizontal vent. The padded clamp will protect your air vent from scratches.

360 DEGREE SWIVEL: The ball joint allows you to adjust the position of the mount. You can pivot the mount into the desired position. For optimal gravity results, this mount should be vertical.

SAFETY: Don't look down while driving! The AC vent is a great location for your mount because it keeps your eyes up.