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Full Size Tempered Glass 3D Curved Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

  • $14.75
  • Save $15.24


  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
  • *PLEASE NOTE: Made specifically for "S20 Plus" and will NOT fit the "S20" or "S20 Ultra"

Quick Description

  • Great Investment for your Valuable Galaxy S20 Plus Phone; Authentic Tempered Glass
  • Full Size, 3D Curved Glass Provides Complete Protection
  • Crystal Clear See-Thru Design with Black Border
  • 9H Hardness; Protect Your Screen From Shattering/Cracks
  • No Air Bubbles; Oleophobic Coating Will Resist Oil And Grease


We've all seen someone using a phone with a broken screen....DON'T BE THAT GUY!

This is NOT a standard screen protector. This is a layer of rigid tempered glass will protect your screen from scratches, dings, chips, drops and shattering.

FULL COVERAGE: This is not the cheap/flat sheets of glass that you see everywhere else. This model is 3D-curved to match the edges of your screen. The full coverage offers better protection, feels better in your hand and looks stealthy.

ULTRASONIC FINGERPRINT COMPATIBLE: This tempered glass has dimple that is less dense to accommodate the Ultrasonic Fingerprint sensor so your entire screen is protected. (No hole or cutout that feels awkward) This improved design offers seamless protection and a convenient spot so you can identify the sensor location.

TEMPERED GLASS vs SCREEN PROTECTORS: The screen protector sheets can be a pain to install. One false move will result in ugly air bubbles. They will offer scratch protection but they will not prevent cracks and shattering. However, this rigid tempered glass will protect your screen from shattering or cracking. Tempered glass is easy to install and will not produce air bubbles.

Screen replacement costs about $150 so this is a great investment. If you keep your screen clean and scratch-free that will improve your resale value down the road. The tempered glass is .3mm and has a silicone-based inside coating that will not leave any sticky residue if you remove. Your phone's screen is rated 7H for surface hardness. Whereas, this tempered glass is rated 9H - making this is the highest rating for coating/finish and the ultimate solution for protecting your screen.

The protective layer will not interfere with touchscreen commands - your touchscreen is still 100% fully functional.

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