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Flexible TPU Rubber Case Cover Grip Skin for Nintendo Switch Lite Console

  • $18.75
  • Save $6.24


  • Compatible with Nintendo Switch Lite

Quick Description

  • Protection from Shock and Impact - This Case is a Great Investment!
  • Slim and Practical. Flexible TPU Material FITS LIKE A GLOVE. Your Switch Remains FULLY FUNCTIONAL in Case with Access to All Buttons/Ports
  • TPU Material Provides EXCELLENT GRIP; One Piece Flexible Shell Installs in Seconds
  • Elevated REINFORCED Trim Will Absorb Impact/Shock. Matte Finish = NO MESSY FINGERPRINTS
  • CARBON FIBER DESIGN Accents Look Svelte and Professional - Protect Your Switch in Style!


The Carbon Flex Skin offers enhanced grip, durable protection and fits like a glove on your Nintendo Switch Lite. This one-piece case is easy to install/remove and the carbon fiber pattern looks svelte and professional.

MATERIAL: The case is made of flexible TPU rubber material and you will love the feel in your hand. TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane. Basically, the material is like a flexible rubber. This TPU material will give you the rigid protection of a hard case and flexible grip of a rubber skin.

TPU ADVANTAGE: Benefits of thermoplastic polyurethane: Light weight, most durable, corrosion resistant, shock absorbent, dent resistant, will not cut/tear. It is flexible but will always return to it's original shape.

FULLY FUNCTIONAL: Your Switch Lite remains fully functional - Exact perfect fitting for the Nintendo Switch Lite with it's custom cutouts. The screen is recessed within the case and you can still access all buttons, ports, speakers.

HEAT DISSIPATION: Interior of the case has geometric pattern intended to disperse shock and heat. The design allows heat to escape thereby minimizing thermal insulation.

This is a great investment! You will eventually drop your Switch-Lite. A case offers peace of mind and a layer of protection. If you keep your device clean, safe and scratch-free, that will improve the resale value down the road.

NO MESS: The soft-touch matte texture on the back will resist fingerprints so you will not see those ugly/messy smudges. Finally, a case that will stay looking great all day long!