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Dual Port USB 20W Travel Wall Charger and Rugged Type-C Cable for Phone - 1 Foot

  • $19.75
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  • Universal for Devices with "Type-C" USB Connection

Quick Description

  • TWO-ITEM COMBINATION: We've Bundled Together Our Best Wall Adapter with Our Best Rugged USB-C Cable
  • DUAL PORT: This Wall Adapter Features Ports for USB-A and USB-C Cables. Enjoy Versatile Connectivity to Charge All Your Devices. Charge 2 Devices at the Same Time for Quick Convenience
  • RUGGED CABLE: Tough and Rugged Braided Nylon Exterior and Fiber Core Combine to Withstand Tempered Damage. This is a USB-A to USB-C Charger Cable. Works with USB-C devices. Plug Type-A to Power Supply and Plug Type-C to Your Phone/Device
  • FAST CHARGE: Supports Power Delivery 3.0. This Will Charge an iPhone Almost 3X Faster than Old 5W Chargers. Charge your iPhone 16 Up to 50% Capacity in Just 30 Minutes
  • LENGTH: This Cable is 1 Foot Long (.3M). The Short Cable is Portable and Ideal for Travel Bag, Purse, Desk Drawer. Small Cables are also Convenient for Linking Phones to Power Banks, etc


This combination includes our best charger with our most rugged cable.

You are busy. Time is precious. Wouldn't it be nice to charge faster? With 3.0 Power Delivery you can spend less time charging and handle your business.

FAST CHARGE: This is a 20W wall adapter. Chargers have made huge strides in recent years. If you're still using old wall adapters and standard USB cables then it's time to upgrade. This versatile charger can be used with phones, tablets, laptops and many other gadgets.

USB-A - This port delivers 18W power for a rapid charge via USB cable.
USB-C - This port delivers faster charge at 20W power.

QUICK CHARGE COMPATIBLE: Do you have one of those premium smartphones that supports quick charge? You're in luck! This charger supports quick charge and can deliver 20W power delivery. For example, this will charge an iPhone 15 almost 3X faster than old 5W chargers. Charge your iPhone up to 50% capacity in just 30 minutes via Type-C port.

CHARGE 2 DEVICES AT ONCE: There are 2 ports: one USB-A port and one USB-C port. Simply link your device to the USB port or Type-C port with your cable. You can even utilize both ports to charge 2 devices at the same time.

PORTABLE: Although this wall adapter is powerful, it's also compact and portable; measuring 36x32x46mm. Furthermore, the wall outlet prongs can fold open and closed for safe travels.

INTELLIGENT PROTECTION: Built-in overcurrent protection and overvoltage protection will keep your device safe. The charger can recognize when your phone battery is low and turn on high-speed PD charging mode. CE/ROHS/FCC certified.

RUGGED CABLE: Instead of plastic or rubber, the cable uses a unique nylon fiber for its protective cover. The high-tensile nylon fiber offers superior strength and a bit of flexibility. Even more, the braided nylon is waterproof and can handle daily stress, ensuring long-lasting performance. Your phone is one of the few things that you carry with you 24-hours/day. So your phone deserves a tough charging cable that is durable and reliable.

REINFORCED HOUSING: Most cable break where the connector meets the cord. This cable has elongated rubber housing that extends thru the cable to resist bending and breaking. The cable also features rubber tread for your fingers, providing enhanced grip.

COMPACT: Cut back on the clutter with a smaller cable. This cable is 1-foot long. Short cables are great for portability...toss it in your pocket or handbag. The short design is also practical for linking phones to laptops or powerbanks.

TYPE-C CONNECTION: This cable is compatible with smartphones (and other electronics) that have USB-C charger port. The Type-C connector is convenient because it is reversible. Plug the Type-C connector into your device; plug the Type-A connector to power supply.