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Black Rugged USB Charger/Sync Cable for Sonim XP5 XP6 XP7 XP5700 XP6700 XP7700

  • $19.75
  • Save $10.24


  • For Sonim XP5 (XP5700)
  • For Sonim XP6 (XP6700)
  • For Sonim XP7 (XP7700)

Quick Description

  • Tough and Rugged Cable Made for Your Tough/Rugged Sonim Phone
  • Charge and Sync Quickly/Safely, Using Just One Cable
  • Features Magnetic Contacts; Specifically Made for Sonim Models XP5, XP6, XP7
  • The 42" Cable Permits Flexible Placement and Will Prevent Tempered Damage
  • Unique Braided Design; Brand New In Package


Your rugged Sonim phone deserves a tough cable for charging. This USB cable features braided nylon housing so it will survive your rough working conditions.

Instead of plastic or rubber, the cable uses a unique nylon fiber for its protective cover. The high-tensile nylon fiber offers superior strength and a bit of flexibility. Even more, the braided nylon is waterproof and can handle daily stress, ensuring long-lasting performance.

This cable is compatible with Sonim XP5, XP6, XP7. It features magnetic contact points so you can connect with ease. The cable is black in color, 42" in length and functions the same as your original cable. Plug the 5-Pin connector into your phone; plug opposite end into USB port. Also use the cable to sync with computer.

FYI: You can attach a USB-Wall adapter or USB-Car adapter to convert this cable into a wall charger or car charger respectively.

Get connected and stay charged with this braided-nylon cable. Item ships brand new in package.

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