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Belt Clip Holster Case for Alcatel Go Flip 4, TCL FLIP Pro, TCL Classic Flip 2

  • $12.75
  • Save $17.24


  • For Alcatel Go Flip 4 (4056W)
  • For Alcatel Go Flip 4 (4056Z)
  • For TCL Flip (4056L), For TCL FLIP Pro (4056s)
  • For TCL Classic (4058C)
  • For Alcatel TCL Flip 2 (T408DL)

Quick Description

  • SECURE: Industrial Holster Clip Keeps Your Phone Stable and Accessible at Close Range. Matches the Contours of your Device; Durable Polycarbonate with Textured Matte Grid Pattern
  • ROTATION: Ratchet Clip Will Turn/Lock In Different Positions Vertical, Horizontal, etc. Low Profile Clip Keeps Your Phone Secure At Your Side
  • CARRY AND CONCEAL: The "Face-In" Design Keeps Your Screen Protected and Concealed While on the Move (also fits face-out)
  • FREEDOM: Free Your Pockets and Carry Your Phone in Comfort with Quick Access
  • [PLEASE READ]: This will not fit all flip phones. Holster is compatible with model 4056 and 4058 and T408DL. Metro and T-Mobile call the device "Alcatel Go Flip 4." Verizon calls this device "TCL FLIP Pro." US Cellular calls this device "TCL Flip". Cricket calls this device TCL Classic. T-Mobile calls this device "TCL Flip Go." Tracfone and Total Wireless and Straight Talk call this device "Alcatel TCL Flip 2". That flip phone was released in 2021/2022 and is associated with model number 4056 or 4058 or T408DL.


Free your pockets and keep your phone secure at your side with a holster.

SECURITY: Simply slide your phone down into the holster and it fits snug. The casing is molded for the contours of your phone and side brackets hold phone secure. This is a holder for the phone. Slide your phone out from holster to answer call and use the device. Like an old western, you'll be quick on the draw!

ROTATING CLIP: The clip on the back of the holster will turn/lock in 13 different angles so you can position according to your preference (vertical, horizontal, etc). The clip has a slim profile so it will not extend far from your waist and bump into things.

CONCEALED: The holster holds the phone "face-inward" so your screen is protected and concealed. FYI, your phone can also fit in the holster "face-outward."

PROTECTION: Interior is lined with soft microfiber so your phone will be cozy and scratch-free. Your screen will be protected while you carry the phone at your side face-inward.

INDUSTRIAL: The holster boasts heavy-duty construction: thick and dense polycarbonate that has been treated with matte grid-texture coating. Attach to your side and always have quick access to your phone!

FYI: Not a fan of belt clips? There are many other practical uses for a holster. For example, the holster can double as a car mount. We have many customers that attach this to the sun visor in their car. Clip to bag, belt, strap, waistband, etc.

[PLEASE READ]: This will not fit all flip phones. Holster is compatible with the "Alcatel Go Flip 4" aka "TCL FLIP Pro" aka "TCL Flip" aka "TCL Classic" aka "TCL Flip Go" aka "Alcatel TCL Flip 2". That device was released in late 2021/2022 and is associated with model number 4056 or 4058 or T408DL.

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