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Black Leather Case Pouch Belt Harness Metal Clip for Zebra TC21 TC22 TC26 TC27

  • $19.75
  • Save $10.24


  • For Zebra TC21 TC22 TC26 TC27 HC20 HC50
  • Also fits phones with approx dimensions 6.5 x 2.95 x 0.63 inches (165 x 75 x 16 mm)

Quick Description

  • Premium Vegan Leather Pouch Case with Rugged Nylon Trim Keeps Device Protected and Concealed
  • ACCESS: Free Your Pockets and Carry Your Scanner in Comfort at Your Side with Quick Access - Like an Old Western, You'll Be Quick on the Draw!
  • STRONG CLIP: Fixed Metal Clip with Low Profile Secures to Belt or Waistband
  • HARNESS: Rear Sleeve/Loop to Thread Belt for Extreme Stability
  • SECURE: Hidden/Quiet Magnetic Closure Keeps Case Closed Shut and Secure. Also Features Elastic Side Slot for Pen/Stylus


Keep your device safe, secure and accessible at your side with a Nakedcellphone pouch.

MATERIAL: This pouch-style holder is made of vegan leather that has been reinforced with rugged nylon trim. Soft and plush felt interior keeps your device scratch-free. The leather exterior has a classic grain texture that looks professional. High quality durable stitching to last the life of your device. The elastic sides ensure a snug fit. The pouch case offers different carrying solutions:

FIXED BELT CLIP: The rear metal clip is 2" long. Clip the pouch to your belt or waistband. Now your scanner will be secure at your side for quick access.

SLEEVE/LOOP FOR BELT: You also have the option of threading your belt though the back of the case if you want extreme stability like a harness. The rear sleeve will accommodate 2.25" belt.

MAGNETIC CLOSURE: Simple design with no complicated buttons or snaps. The top flap has a hidden magnetic closure to ensure your device will remain secure and concealed. Flip open the top to quickly pull out your scanner. Like an old western, you'll be quick on the draw!

STYLUS HOLDER: Elastic sleeve on the side is a handy place to keep pen/pencil/stylus, etc. There is also a small eyelet on the back of the case so you have the ability to attach your own lanyard.

FITMENT: This pouch case will accommodate thick and tall devices such as Zebra TC21/TC26, TC22/TC27. You can also use this pouch for phones with similar approx dimensions: 6.5 x 2.95 x 0.63 inches (165 x 75 x 16 mm)

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