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Black Faux Leather Hard Shell Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G

  • $11.75
  • Save $13.24


  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G (2020)

Quick Description

  • Hard Shell for the Front and Back of Your Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G - Personalize and Protect Your Phone in Style!
  • Slim Form-Fit Design Still Fits In Your Pocket; No Excess Bulk
  • Hard Polycarbonate Provides Impact Protection; Shield Your Device from Dings/Scratches
  • Rear Case Lined with Faux Leather Grain Panel that Looks Svelte and Professional
  • Your Phone Remains Fully Funtional within the Hard Shell Cover - Access All Buttons/Ports, Flip Open/Closed


Protect your Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G phone in style with this hard polycarbonate shell.

PROTECTION: The case is composed of two hard shell covers that snap on the front and back. Now your phone will be protected from dings, scuffs and scratches.

FUNCTIONALITY: Your phone remains fully functional in the case with cutouts to access all buttons, charger, camera, speaker, headset. You can still fold the phone open and closed as normal.

MATERIAL: The case is made of hard polycarbonate and the back panel is lined with faux leather grain strip.

GREAT INVESTMENT: Keeps your phone in good condition and scratch-free to improve your resale value in the future.

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