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Belt Clip Holster with S Pen Slot for Galaxy Z Fold 4 / 3 (MADE TO FIT OUR CASE)

  • $17.75
  • Save $12.24


  • For Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 5G (SM-F936, 2022)
  • For Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G (SM-F926, 2021)

Quick Description

  • UNIQUE HOLSTER: Custom Belt Clip Holster Designed to Fit Our Nakedcellphone Brand Case
  • ROTATION: Ratchet Clip Will Turn/Lock In Different Positions. Keeps Phone Accessible at Close Range
  • STYLUS HOLDER: Features Convenient Storage Slot that Fits Your "S Pen Fold" (stylus not included)
  • CUSTOM: This is Made to Our Nakedcellphone Brand Cases for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. Also Fits Our Cases for Z Fold 3
  • *Please Note: This will NOT fit the stock "naked" phone


This holster was made specifically to fit our Nakedcellphone brand cases. No case is included. This offer is for the spare holster clip only.

BELT CLIP: Holster is made to fit the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 (or Z Fold3) with our phone case. The interior is lined with soft, nonabrasive micro-fiber material. The holster holds the folded phone so your device is concealed, protected and secure. The ratchet belt clip can turn/lock in 13 different positions. The holster is a holder for the phone so you can keep it secure and accessible at your side. Like an old western, you'll be quick on the draw!

STYLUS STORAGE: The holster has a slot that fits "S Pen Fold" (no stylus included). Now you'll have your S Pen Fold handy and accessible wherever you go!

KICKSTAND VIEWSTAND: The holster doubles as a viewing stand. There is a hinge on the inside of the clip so you can prop open. Kick back and enjoy movies/videos on your display!

COMPATIBILITY: Please note, this will NOT fit the stock "naked" phone. The holster was made to fit our Nakedcellphone brand case. Will this fit other brand Z Fold3 / Z Fold4 cases? Yes, we have had customers tell us the holster is compatible with other brand cases. Just make sure your case is a similar thickness.

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