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All-in-One Protective Case Cover with Band for Apple Watch (Series 4, 44mm)

  • $14.75
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  • Apple Watch Series 4 (Size 44mm)

Quick Description

  • All-in-One Rugged Protective Case with Connected Wrist Band
  • Flexible TPU Rubber Material with Reinforced Polycarbonate Around Watch Face
  • Protection with Style! Avoid Damage from those Accidental Bumps, Dings and Scrapes
  • Elevated Lip Keeps Screen Recessed and Protected. Your Watch Remins Fully Functional in the Case
  • Universal One Size Fits All. Made Specifically for the 44mm model (Series 4)


The Rugged Band is a Tough Case + Band Combination ALL-IN-ONE. You know that feeling when you accidentally bang your Apple Watch on a counter or doorway? Its like an electrical shock! You twist your wrist and scan for damage. Well, worry no more!

HYBRID CASE PROTECTION: This case for your Apple Watch is made if tough flexible TPU rubber. This durable material will absorb shock. The exterior face is reinforced with hard polycarbonate panels for impact resistance. Now the trim around your watch will be safe and you can stop stressing about those dings and scuffs on the bezel. The elevated lip also keeps your screen recessed for added protection.

CONNECTED BAND: The band is also made flexible TPU rubber material. The matte ribbed texture looks stylish. This band is comfortable, lightweight and universal/adjustable.

EASY INSTALL: The band and case are fused together as one component. This case covers/protects the perimeter. The bottom of your watch remains uncovered so it will not chafe and you can still use your wireless charger.

RUGGED DESIGN: The casing has a matte metallic appearance and the band is matte black. This combination offers rugged and durable protection that looks svelte. Personalize and protect your Apple Watch in style!

COMPATIBLE MODELS: This is made for the 44” model. (Series 4)

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