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  • $9.75
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  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
  • *Please note: This is for "S6 Edge Plus" (will not fit standard S6 or S6 Edge)

Quick Description

  • THREE PACK: One Purchase Gets You 3 Units. Premium Quality PureGear Brand
  • Error-Free Application Tray with Roller Ensures Perfect Alignment and No Bubbles
  • Industrial Strength Film with Self-Healing Technology. Full-Size Protects Entire Display
  • Flexible TPU Material has Anti-Imact Properties
  • Brand New In Retail Package


Screen protectors can be a pain to install correctly. You have to meticulously align the sheet and one false move can result in ugly air bubbles. Nobody likes to install them and we all dread the process. There must be a better way!

PROBLEM SOLVED: The PureGear PureTek Screen Protection Kit makes installation a breeze....all you have to do is roll. It’s the first ultimate screen shield protection made simple! The patented application tray and roller allows for a fast, easy application of the screen shield with accurate alignment and a bubble-free appearance.

THIS OFFER IS FOR A 3-PACK. One purchase gets you three kits.

INSTALLATION: Step 1: Clean your phone (micro fiber cleaner cloth included). Step 2: Insert your phone in the tray and roll on screen protector. Step 3: Peel off the application sticker and you’re done. FYI, PureGear has a video demo on YouTube so you can see just how easy it is.

BENEFITS: Fast and easy application. The tray ensures perfect alignment. Bubble free appearance. Case friendly fit. Self-healing technology keeps the screen guard looking great over time. Everything you need is included. Use it once and you're done - you can throw away the application kit after install.

TYPE: Impact Protection. PureGear offers several styles of screen protectors. This model is Anti-Impact. The TPU material can absorb impact better than standard screen protector sheets. Now your screen will be protected with HD clarity.

TIPS: For perfect results, make sure your screen is totally clean, cool and free of dust. Wait 24 hours before applying a protective case back on the phone.

The Puregear Puretek installation is ingenious. Who knew, screen protectors could be fun and entertaining!