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Vispro Rugged Hybrid Case Clear Acrylic Hard Back for Apple iPhone Xs/X/10s/10

  • $14.75
  • Save $15.24


  • Apple iPhone X (2017)
  • Apple iPhone Xs (2018)

Quick Description

  • Rugged Rubber Trim Offers Enhanced Tactile Grip
  • 100% Clear Transparent Acrylic Rear Will Showcase the Original Beauty of Your iPhone
  • Port Covers Protect Charger Port and Mute Switch from Dust/Debris
  • Thick Reinforced Corners Will Absorb Impact/Shock
  • Your Phone Remains Fully Functional In This Case. Fits Like A Glove


The Vispro case will showcase the original beauty of your iPhone while adding durable protection in style!

TRANSPARENT: The rear acrylic panel is see-thru clear. Therefore you'll see the original appearance of your beautiful iPhone.

SHOCK ABSORBING: The trim is made of tough yet flexible rubber for enhanced grip. Notice all 4 corners are elevated/reinforced for drop protection.

RECESSED CAMERA/SCREEN: The subtle lip protects your protruding camera lens. This hybrid case is 2 layers so your screen is recessed and protected with front raised edges - Will not touch the surface when placed face down.

MATERIAL: The inner shell around the phone is polycarbonate. The trim is made of flexible TPU rubber. The backside of the case is 100% clear acrylic. The transparent panel will reveal the original appearance of your phone and provide hard impact protection.

FUNCTIONALITY: The Vispro Case is practical because it provides excellent grip and protection without the excess bulkiness. This slim form-fit case has port covers for charger/mute to block dust and debris. The trim has the embossed mold of the volume buttons and power button - that way they are protected and you can still feel/use them.

INSTALL: First remove the inner plastic shell from the case and insert your phone. Now that your phone is nestled within the protective shell you can insert it into the rubber skin. The complete install takes about 2-3 minutes but it's worth the wait. Your phone will be protected in style!

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