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Tri-Max Clear Screen Guard Full Body Wrap Case Cover for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

  • $14.75
  • Save $10.24


  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Quick Description

  • Full-Body Wrap Case Provides Built-In Screen Protection
  • See-Thru Design Will Showcase the Original Appearance of Your Phone
  • Flexible TPU Material Fits Like A Glove; Slim and Practical for Everyday Mishaps
  • TPU Material Provides Excellent Grip Yet Easy To Slide In/Out of Your Pocket
  • 360 Degree Protection With Scratch-Resistant Coating


If you want full-body protection for your "iPhone 11 Pro Max" and still maintain its slim original beauty/design....then this 360-Degree Wrap is the ideal case for you.

MATERIAL: The case is made of 2 separate pieces (front/back) that interlock or seam together. The front cover is made of flexible clear TPU material that wraps around the front of the phone and perimeter. The back panel is a transparent hard shell with scratch resistant coating.

SCREEN PROTECTION: The flexible TPU material completely covers/protects your screen. You will see no air bubbles because the TPU material has fine pin-hole pattern that allows for air disbursement.

FUNCTIONALITY: The 360-Degree Wrap Case is practical for everyday use because it provides excellent grip and protection without the bulkiness. This slim form-fit case has cutouts for all ports. Your touchscreen remains fully functional though this protective layer.

INSTALL: The item is simple to install. All you do is insert the phone in the front TPU skin and stretch/wrap around the perimeter. Then you can tuck the clear hard back panel into place.

CUSTOMIZE IT: Trace the back panel and insert your own picture or piece of decorated paper/art/etc to make a unique custom case.

PHONE SETTINGS: Your touchscreen is responsive while protected in this case. However, you can optimize your touchscreen settings for even better control. Navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch. Then set the Sensitivity level to "Light"

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