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Soft Silicone Protective Carrying Case Cover with Strap Clip for Apple AirPods

  • $14.75
  • Save $5.24


  • Made for the Apple AirPod Charging Case

Quick Description

  • Thick Ribbed Silicone/Rubber Gel Fits Like a Glove
  • Elevated Bumpers at All 4 Corners for Impact Protection
  • Unique Design Allows You to Open/Close Your Charging Case While in the Skin
  • Fully Functional in the Skin with Access to Bottom Charger Port
  • Convenient Clip/Strap Included for Practical Travels - Clip to Belt Loop, Bag Zipper, Keys, etc


Your Apple AirPods should never stray too far from your Charging Case. The two items always travel hand-in-hand. Simplify your travels and protect your Apple Airpods with this rubber skin with clip.

PROTECTION: This rubber skin is the perfect solution to keep your AirPods Console protected from scuffs and drops. The thick rubber material provides both shock absorption and impact protection. Features elevated bumpers at all 4 corners. The ribbed pattern looks rugged and gives enhanced grip.

STRAP/CLIP: This case comes with a 2" chain that is completely removable. Now you'll be able to keep your Airpods handy at close range - Clip to zipper on bag, key-chain, belt loop, etc.

FUNCTIONALITY: Your Airpods console remains fully functional in the rubber skin. You can still flip open your case and access your charger port.

*This offer is for the protective case. The AirPods and Charging Case are not included.

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