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  • Nokia Lumia 928

Quick Description

  • Hard Case And Soft Skin All-In-One
  • Free LCD Screen Protector Included
  • Thick Rubber Skin Wraps Around Your Phone
  • Hard Polycarbonate Shell Snaps On The Back Of The Rubber Skin
  • Rugged Protection For Your Lumia 928


You know that feeling when you drop your phone...its a full body cringe. You gradually pick it up and pray it still works. Well, worry no more when you use this Duo-Shield case!

THREE LAYERS OF PROTECTION: The Duo-Shield case offers 3 layers of rugged protection. (1) Free screen protector included that you can apply to your lcd screen - this is a rigid sheet of film that will protect your lcd from scratches. Your touchscreen is still fully functional though this protective layer. (2) Thick rubber skin wraps around the phone. The rubber material feels great in your hand and this layer acts as shock absorber. (3) Hard polycarbonate shell fits on the back of the rubber skin - this provides great protection from drops and impact resistance. The hard plastic material features a fine matte texture for additional grip.

FUNCTIONALITY: Your phone is fully functional in the case with access charger port, headset port, camera, flash, speakers. The skin has the mold of the volume buttons, power button and camera button - that way they are protected and you can still use them. The lcd screen and camera are recessed deep within the case for added protection - will not touch the surface when placing your phone on a desk/table. The case also has small plugs that will protect your charger port and headset port from dust/debris.

COLOR/STYLE: The Duo-Shield combines rugged protection with style. The fine ribbed texture provide great grip and looks awesome. The exterior hard case is MATTE WHITE. The inner rubber skin is RED. When you snap the matted white cover on the red skin you see this awesome two-tone color combination.