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Universal USB Wall/Car Charger Combo 2.4A Window Hammer for Apple iPhone Android

  • $15.65
  • Save $24.34


  • Universal for All Phones and Tablets

Quick Description

  • Car Charger and Wall Charger COMBO. Universal Compatibility via USB cable
  • Intelligent Cooling System with Efficient Aluminum Shell
  • Stainless Steel Cone Hammer Designed for Emergency Window Break
  • High-Quality and Safe: Protection Against Overheating, Overcurrent and Overcharging
  • Provides Full Charging Speed with 5V 2.4A DC Output


The Power Bolt Charger Set (car charger + wall charger) does more than charge your device.

For starters, it looks cool. Seriously, the matte aluminum finish looks svelte and your car deserves an extra touch of class.

Next, the Power Bolt car adapter can charge 2 devices at the same time….and FAST. The top port is 1A. That 1A port is pretty standard charging speed for phones. However, the bottom port is 2.4A. That port provides more juice for a faster charge. That is also the best port to use for tablets.

Finally, the Power Bolt can dual as a lifesaver. The stainless-steel cone hammer head can be used for window breaking to exit the car in case of an emergency.

So the next time you lose control of your car and veer off into a lake….I’m sure you’ll be a happy customer!

Keep in mind, you also get the wall charger in this combination. The wall charger features the same matte aluminum finish, so you’ll be charging in style. Most chargers looks the same and it is easy to get them confused. Stand apart from the rest so no one snags your charger by mistake. The USB ports on the wall charger are rated 2.1A.

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