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  • $16.75
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  • Samsung Galaxy S5

Quick Description

  • Hard Case And Flexible Skin All-In-One
  • Includes Heavy Duty Holster Clip
  • Clip Will Turn/Lock In Different Positions
  • Free LCD Screen Protector Included
  • TPU Rubber Skin Wraps Around Your Phone


The "Tri-Shield Kombo" provides excellent phone protection, screen protection, kickstand for viewing, custom holster clip....and it looks awesome to boot!

THREE LAYERS OF PROTECTION: The Tri-Shield case features 3 layers of rugged protection. (1) Free screen protector included that you can apply to your screen - this is a sheet of film that will protect your screen from scratches. (2) Thick TPU rubber skin wraps around the phone. This flexible layer provides shock absorption. The reinforced/elevated corners offer are designed to isolate shock. (3) Hard polycarbonate shell snaps around the rubber skin and this provides great protection from drops and impact resistance.

PHONE HOLSTER: Holster is made to fit the phone with Tri-Shield case. Your phone is secure within the holster and this is made to fit the phone "face-inward" for screen protection. The belt clip on this holster will turn/lock in 11 different positions and has a slim profile so it will not extend far from your waist and bump into things.

KICKSTAND: This case features a built-in kickstand mechanism on the backside. Pull the tab outward - now you'll be able to prop your phone in landscape mode.

FUNCTIONALITY: Your phone is fully functional in the case with access to camera, flash, IR, mic, speaker, charger. The skin has the mold of the volume buttons and power button - that way they are protected and you can still use them. A small plug protect your headset port from dust/debris. You can pull back that plug when you want to access the port

COLOR/STYLE: This offer is for the WHITE/TURQUOISE version.

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