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  • Motorola Moto Z Droid
  • *Please Note: This is made for Moto Z Droid (XT1650-01). This is NOT for Moto Z Force (XT1650-02). This is NOT for Moto Z Play (XT1635).

Quick Description

  • Premium Quality Tech21 Brand
  • BulletShield Technology Repels Shock - Same Material Used In Bullet Proof Glass
  • Minimalistic Slim Design with 5ft Drop Protection
  • Your Phone Remains Fully Functional In Case With Access To All Ports
  • Matte Finish Will Resist Smudges and Fingerprints, Keeping Your Phone Looking Great All Day Long


The Tech21 Impact Clear case not only keeps your Moto Z Droid protected from everyday drops; it also lets you continue to appreciate your phone's smart look, thanks to the case's fully transparent design. BulletShield shock protection, designed with the same material used in bullet-proof glass, absorbs impact force and repels it away from your Moto Z Droid. The Impact Clear case is ultra thin, lightweight and designed for complete access to all functions.

BULLETSHIELD INTELLIGENT PROTECTION: BulletShield is a multi-layer, impact protective material used in bullet-proof glass. The top layer spreads shock over a wider area. The middle layer absorbs and dissipates the force. The third layer slows and further absorbs any remaining shock.

SLIM AND LIGHT: Because of BulletShield's superb impact absorbing properties, tech21 was able to reduce the amount of material used, slimming Impact Clear down to just 2mm on the sides and 1.5mm on the back. That's less bulk for you to carry, and it's easier to handle.

FULLY FUNCTIONAL: Impact Clear is designed so that nothing impacts the performance of your Moto Z Droid. Not only does the case offer a secure fit and feel, it also provides exact access to all ports and buttons. And thanks to the super-thin, BulletShield construction, Impact Clear won't interfere with signal quality, Wi-Fi or sensors.

COLOR: This offer is for the CLEAR FROST. The see-thru case has a frosted matte finish that will resist fingerprints and smudges so your phone/case will look great all day long.

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