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  • Universal for Micro USB Phones

Quick Description

  • No Messy Wires - Charge Without Clutter!
  • Laptop Friendly Design
  • Compatible With Many Phone Models
  • Charge And Sync Your Phone
  • Also Use This With Your Wall Adapter


Eliminate cables and clutter with this "Socket Dock-It." This is a miniature cradle with micro usb connector. On the back of the device is a USB plug. Simply plug this into your laptop's USB port and dock your your charging without messy wires!

You can also use this to charge from a wall outlet. USB wall adapter is not included but I'm sure you already have one; use the wall adapter that came with your phone. Now you can dock your phone on the wall outlet and charger without messy wires!

This product is small and portable so it is ideal for travel - also convenient everyday use in your home/office. Simple design and no weird installation necessary...just dock your phone in the cradle and it will charge. Also use the cradle to sync with computer.

The Socket Dock-It comes with with 3 padded inserts so it can accommodate virtually all micro usb phones of varying thickness. If you have a case on your phone then you might run into some trouble. Thin, form-fit cases should still work but this might not accommodate thick and rugged cases.

The cradle holds your phone at a comfortable viewing angle so you can keep tabs on your phone while it is charging.

You'll love the convenience of this cradle and eliminating messy cables. Get multiple cradles for laptop, home and office. Convenient for travelers and business users - its the perfect complement for mobile professionals.

SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions 4.9x4.5x3.2cm, Weight 12g. Spaces are 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 3.5mm