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  • Nokia Lumia 810

Quick Description

  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane Material That Fits Like A Glove
  • Hybrid Between Plastic And Silicone Rubber
  • Flexible Material Thatwill Not Dent
  • TPU Material Provides Excellent Grip
  • Easy To Install, Light-Weight, Simple To Remove, Repels Lint/Dust


A "candy skin" is new type of case that will protect your phone. This TPU material is unique and you will love the feel in your hand. TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane. Basically, the material is like a hybrid cross of plastic and silicone. This TPU material will give you the rigid protection of a hard case and grip of a rubber skin.

Advantages of thermoplastic polyurethane: Light weight, most durable, corrosion resistant, shock absorbent, dent resistant, will not cut/tear/scratch. It is flexible but will always return to it's original shape.

WHY IS THIS BETTER THAN A SILICONE SKIN? (1) The traditional rubber/silicone skins are hard to get out of your pocket. Whereas, this material will slide out of your pocket with ease and you still get the soft "grippy" feel in your hand. (2) Silicone skins are flimsy. TPU material will retain it's shape and fits like a glove. (3) Silicone skins will accumulate lint and dust. TPU material will repel lint/dust.

CUSTOM MADE FOR YOUR PHONE: This case is made for the Nokia Lumia 810 phone. The item is simple to install. All you do is insert the phone in the skin and stretch/wrap around the perimeter and you're set! Your phone is fully functional in the skin with access to camera, flash, headset, charger, speaker, mic, etc. With this product, you will be able to function your device and keep it safe. Protect your Nokia Lumia in style with this Candy Skin!

COLOR: This model is see-thru tint/smoke color with plaid/argyle pattern. The pattern is etched into the inside of the skin so it will not fade or smudge. The see-thru design is nice b/c you can still see the original appearance of the phone.