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  • Apple iPhone 5
  • Apple iPhone 5s
  • Apple iPhone SE

Quick Description

  • Rugged Protective Case with Stand
  • Features Kickstand So You Can Prop Phone In Horizontal Position
  • You Can See and Feel the Grenade Grip Texture
  • Hybrid Case with Flexible TPU Inner Skin and Hard Shell Backbone
  • Your Phone Is Fully Functional In This Case. Fits Like A Glove


This case offer rugged protection, lcd screen protection, excellent grip, kickstand viewing and looks like it's ready to go to battle!

This is a hybrid case that offers three layers of protection. (1) First apply the lcd screen protector. This is a rigid sheet of film that will protect your lcd screen from scratches. Your touchscreen is still fully functional though this protective layer. (2) Then wrap the rigid TPU skin around your phone. The TPU material is flexible and fits like a glove. (3) Finally, the rubberized hard shell will snap on the back of the skin. The hard shell extends to all four corners of the phone - this offers excellent protection from drops.

Your phone is fully functional in the case. The skin has elevated buttons that protect the volume buttons and power button - that way they are protected and you can still feel them and use them.

KICKSTAND: Back of the case features built-in kickstand feature. Unsnap the hinge then slide out until the kickstand snaps into place. Now you can prop your phone in horizontal position on a table or desk. This is ideal for watching movies and YouTube videos - also handy for those who use their phone as an alarm clock.

COLOR/STYLE: The Grenade Case combines rugged protection with style. The chunky ribbed texture provide great grip and looks awesome. The inner TPU skin layer is red. The exterior hard shell is black. When you snap the black shell around the red skin you see this awesome two-tone color combination. More colors are available in our store.

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