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  • Samsung Galaxy S4

Quick Description

  • Book-Style Case Keeps Phone Concealed
  • Quality Viewing Stand Configuration
  • Features Sleeper Function To Conserve Battery Life
  • Magnetic Connection Allows You To Open/Close With Ease
  • Textured Surface For Non-Slip Grip


Protect your Samsung Galaxy S4 with this PureGear Folio Case! The case is made with high quality sleek textured surface that looks like leather. It is compact, durable, lightweight and also functions as a viewing stand.

Installation is easy: Open the case like a book and you'll see a form-fit hard shell on the inside of the case. Simply snap your phone in that mold, close the case and you're done. The black material is made of faux leather and the interior is soft micro-felt material.

The book-style case has a magnetic closure that will keep the flap secure and shut. This case is equipped with Sleeper Function - that means the screen will shut off when you close the case - this is a great feature because you will conserve battery life. The front flap will fold back completely so you can hold phone comfortably without the case flapping around.

The viewing stand on this model is excellent design - there is a small magnetic strip built into the case so your can prop your phone and it will stay secure in landscape mode. Many other folio cases on the market simply fold and rely on gravity to stay balanced - the extra magnet ensures your phone will be stable. The viewing stand is great for watching movies, videos, and its also handy for those who use their phone as an alarm clock.

Exact perfect fitting for the Samsung Galaxy S4 with it's custom cutouts. When the case is closed you can access camera, charger, speaker, power, headset. Flip the case open and you can access touchscreen and volume. With this product, you will be able to function your device and keep it safe. Protect your Samsung Galaxy S4 in style with this Puregear Folio Flip Cover.

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