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Pocket Clip Rugged Case Cover with Stand for Samsung Galaxy A51 5G SM-A516

  • $12.75
  • Save $7.24


  • Samsung Galaxy A51 5G

Quick Description

  • RUGGED PROTECTION - The Pocket Clip Case is a Blend of TPU, Polycarbonate and Metal
  • Utilize the Slim Metal Clip and Attach to Your Pocket
  • Built-In Kickstand To Prop Your Phone - Great For WATCHING VIDEOS Hands-Free
  • Interior Grooves for Shock Absorption and Heat Dissipation
  • TPU Material FITS LIKE A GLOVE. Protect Your Galaxy A51 5G in Style!


Carry and protect your Galaxy A51 5G phone in style with the Pocket Clip. The Pocket Clip Case is a tough and rugged cover that provides excellent protection, enhanced grip, kickstand viewing and features metal clip for secure attachment.

METAL CLIP: The slim metal clip makes it simple to attach the phone to your belt, bag or pocket.

KICKSTAND: Prop the rear metal kickstand to display your phone in horizontal position on a table or desk. This is ideal for watching videos hands-free.

MATERIAL: This case is blend of rugged TPU rubber, metal and polycarbonate. Together these layers provide protection from impact and shock. Your phone is fully functional in the case with access to all ports.

HEAT DISSIPATION: Interior of the case has engraved grooves pattern intended to disperse shock and heat. The design allows heat to escape thereby minimizing thermal insulation.

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