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  • Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation

Quick Description

  • Protection From Dings And Scratches
  • The Candy Skin Is Soft/Flexible TPU Material On The Outside And Hard Plastic Center Core
  • Your iPod Is 100% Fully Functional In The Case
  • Carry Your iPod Touch In Style!
  • Excellent Protection And Great Feeling Grip


This "Candy Skin" (also called "gummy skin") combines the protection of a hard case with the grip of a soft skin. The perimeter is made of soft flexible TPU material that feels great in your hand. The back plate is made of translucent hard plastic. The see-thru design is nice b/c you can still see the Apple logo.

The item is simple to install, only takes a second. All you do is insert the iPod in the skin and stretch/wrap around the perimeter and you're set!

This is a great investment. You will eventually drop your iPod - This cover provides peace of mind and better protection than your typical flimsy skin. If you keep your iPod clean and scratch-free, that will improve the resale value down the road. iPod already dinged up? This will cover the blemishes and make it look better than ever!

WHY IS THIS BETTER THAN A SILICONE SKIN? (1) The traditional rubber/silicone skins are hard to get out of your pocket. Whereas, this material will slide out of your pocket with ease and you still get the soft "grippy" feel in your hand. (2) Silicone skins are flimsy. TPU material will retain it's shape and fits like a glove. (3) Silicone skins will accumulate lint and dust. TPU material will repel lint/dust. WHY IS THIS BETTER THAN A HARD CASE? Hard cases can be difficult to remove. This skin can be easily removed quickly.

This auction is for PINK version - more colors available in our store. Exact perfect fitting for the iPod Touch 4th Generation with it's custom cutouts. With this product, you will be able to function your device and keep it safe. The case also has two small holes on the back so you have the ability to attach your own lanyard. Protect your iPod Touch in style with this Candy Skin!

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